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Resource Hub

The Cooperate resource hub is designed to provide you with all of the collateral and information you need to communicate with your organisation about the Cooperate platform. 

Find the collateral you need, faster.

This collateral is broken down by stakeholder type, to make it faster for you to find the content you need. Simply use the top navigation to narrow down to the stakeholder you wish to focus on, or use the search function in the navigation bar to quickly find specific items such as a Case Study.

Providing the champion of the Cooperate platform deeper insight into the underlying frameworks that drive customer journey-driven marketing, and relevant case studies.

Outlining the benefits to the organisation across the multiple C-Suite divisions (from finance to sales), pre-answering some of the common questions you may hear.

IT Team
Technical focused documentation to answer your IT Team's core question regarding security, infrastructure and integration into your current tech stack.

Platform Users
Practical day-to-day platform questions and video walkthroughs to answer the myriads of smaller questions your marketing team and other platform users will ask.

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