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B2B Health Case Study: Ansell

B2B Health Case Study: Ansell

We all know the marketing landscape has changed, that's old news. We're juggling more channels than ever before, building clever marketing automation and customer personalisation stacks, and producing the tonnes of content needed to feed all of these platforms and channels.

But is it making us better marketers? Or are we so bogged down with manual processes and marketing administration that we can't see the wood for the trees?

Amy Walker, Head of Growth at Cooperate, and Mitchell Mackey, Marketing Director at Ansell dive into how better marketing operations enable marketing teams to be better marketers.

They'll show you how you can:

  • Ensure team alignment by providing greater insight into marketing and driving cohesion across your organisation.
  • Deliver brand consistency and reducing brand risk by delivering on-point messaging for your customers on a global scale.
  • Get more done faster by streamlining marketing activity to empower your marketing team to do what they do best.
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