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Mapping an actionable Customer Journey

Our opinion is great marketing communications are built on the foundation of intelligently designed Customer Communications Journeys that feed into well crafted full Customer Experiences.

Is this you?

  • If you’ve heard all about the customer journey but want to know the simplest and most effective way to get started
  • You have mapped out a Customer Journey once upon a time but you’ve been caught in the weeds, carrying out activities and making evaluations about channels and creative choices that disconnected from the journey
  • Your brand is moving in a different way than when you first mapped out
  • You can’t even find your customer journey map (happens to the best of us)

If any of these apply to you, then we recommend watching this recorded workshop, where Tom Spencer, Cofounder of Cooperate, will share with you the best way to map out a useful Customer Journey and ensure you stick to it.

It will also provide valuable resources and insights so you can run a customer journey workshop with your own team, allowing you to put theory into practice.

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