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FAQ's: Common Technical Questions

FAQ's: Common Technical Questions

Below we've compiled some of the more common technical questions we've received from IT Teams. 

Content Delivery

Are images managed on a global CDN or caching service?

Cooperate is integrated with Cloudinary and that's where all of your static assets will live. All of the images you publish to a CMS from the Cooperate platform are delivered by Cloudinary, which in-turn uses Akamai CDN servers.

Does the aspect ratio of an image get added when you publish an article?

Based on the end point for delivery, the Cooperate platform will define the image sizes needed. Cooperate will resize the original image, maintaining the aspect ratio, and then do the push of the asset. The Cooperate platform uses Cloudinary's SDK to achieve this.

How does Cooperate manage different image sizes for different viewports? (e.g. mobile)

The Cooperate platform can pass multiple images for the same source through Cloudinary. So there would be an image size available for each device; mobile, tablet and desktop (and the many variations of these).

One of the benefits of the Cooperate platform using Cloudinary to manage image sizing is that is provides extensive real-time image transformation. Developers can make use of Cloudinary's image transformation SDK to get various image sizes for different viewports and define it in HTML real-time.

How is video streamed to ensure deliverability?

All video assets in the Cooperate platform are streamed via Cloudinary

How do you ensure content is quickly accessible for offshore audiences? (e.g. China)

All of your static assets are served to your sites via Amazon's Global CDN (Cloudfront). When the Cooperate platform delivers content to an endpoint, the speed of accessibility depends on location of the destination site that the content is being pushed to. If a server hosting the site is close to your offshore audience (e.g. China), then it will it be accessible more quickly and there will be less network lag. 


How are sync errors handled?

The Cooperate platform will make three attempts to sync before stopping, and all sync errors are logged in the database. The Cooperate platform has a notification system in platform where errors can be viewed, and email alerts are also sent out if any sync errors occur.


Can the platform manage HREFLANG?

A user in the Cooperate platform can add an HREFLANG attribute to any anchor tag using the tools provided within the content editor. This functionality is being extended to also include canonical link tags.

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