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FAQ's: My day-to-day activity

FAQ's: My day-to-day activity

When you start evaluating a new platform your marketing team will almost immediately start peppering you with questions, so here we've collated the most common questions we hear from marketing teams in relation to how they manage their day-to-day activity on the Cooperate platform.

My day-to-day activity

1. Do I have to change how I do things now?

This depends on how your organisation chooses to implement the Cooperate platform.

For some organisations, this is an opportunity to optimise and streamline your marketing processes take advantage of new work approaches like agile marketing. This kind of process change would be managed in conjunction with your team and included in the platform training so that everyone in your team feels confident in the new processes you are implementing.

For other marketing teams, you may simply transition your current processes into the Cooperate platform. Users of tools like Trello, Jira or Asana will find the Cooperate platform planning and task management tools very familiar, while users of social tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite would find the social post management tools in Cooperate pretty familiar as well.

And lastly, some organisations choose to continue using their existing tools (such as an existing DAM or Hootsuite for social) and letting Cooperate manage the rest of their marketing activity. The organisation can also choose to use Zapier or a custom integration to streamline the connections between existing platforms and Cooperate (e.g. syncing Assets in an existing DAM with the Cooperate platform to streamline access). 

2. Can I manage my personal tasks in Cooperate?

Common users of tools such as Trello or Asana are keen to know if they can continue managing boards and tasks for their personal workload. The answer is absolutely. Users with access to planning boards can create boards for any purpose they require, and they can choose to make those boards private or allow access to specific users.

3. When I create content in Cooperate do I also have to create it in my CMS?

Most organisations that wish to create content in the Cooperate platform will integrate the platform into their own CMS, this means that users can create content in one location and then easily distribute that content out to multiple locations. It doesn't matter how many different sites or CMS's you use, we can customise your integration to remove any double up work by your team.

4. What type of assets and files can I store in Cooperate?

You can store any file type you require in the Asset Manager, including images, videos, audio files, PDF's, powerpoint presentations, word documents and spreadsheets. You can also store links as assets, which is useful for those using Google Drive or if you wish to store assets such as landing pages.

5. Is there any limit to how much content I can store in Cooperate?

All of our standard Enterprise plans include unlimited asset storage. If you are on a customised plan you may have a storage cap so we suggest checking with your Cooperate administrator.

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