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FAQ's: Working with others

FAQ's: Working with others

When you start evaluating a new platform your marketing team will almost immediately start peppering you with questions, so here we've collated the most common questions we hear from marketing teams in relation to how they can work with others using the Cooperate platform.

Working with others

1. Can I still collaborate with other teams on other platforms (e.g. such as using Jira to manage website updates with development)?

The Cooperate platform is completely flexible, and it's up to your organisation to decide which processes you wish to run through the platform, and which you prefer to run using existing third-party tools such as Jira. Some brands prefer to run everything through Cooperate as the processes can be created to suit marketings day-to-day needs, while for others they prefer to leave complex website management tasks in Jira and run the marketing related items in Cooperate.

You could also choose to integrate Cooperate with your external tools using Zapier, giving you the best of both worlds. With Zapier you could have a Website Updates board in Cooperate that automatically creates tasks for development in Jira. Likewise, we have brands that use third-party forms to capture website feedback that then creates tasks automatically in Cooperate.

2. Can I invite others into the platform (like freelancers or my agencies) or will I need to double up?

The ability to collaborate with external contractors such as freelancers and agency staff in the platform is definitely available and strongly recommended. Enterprise-grade permission structures give you granular control over what they have access to, and the notifications engine ensures that they are alerted when you need them to move a brief, task or piece of content along. 

There are many different ways in which our clients involve external contractors in the platform, some of these are:

  • Creative agencies collaborating on campaign creative
  • Translation services creating multi-lingual content for local markets
  • Freelance content creators writing articles
  • Global content and asset access for distributors

3. What if I don't want certain users to see everything?

The Cooperate platform includes enterprise-grade permission structures that give you granular control over what users (and user groups) can and can't see. You can choose who has access to specific features (e.g. the Asset Manager), to who can change and manage aspects within each feature (e.g. upload Assets) down to access to individual collections (groups/folders) and items (e.g. a specific group of Assets or an individual Asset).  

The Cooperate team will work with you during the permission and user setup process so you can be confident that you have the right controls in place.

4. Is there any limit to how many people we can have on the platform?

All of our standard Enterprise plans include unlimited users. If you are on a customised plan you may have a user cap so we suggest checking with your Cooperate administrator.

We keep our standard plans as unlimited as that way none of your team members needs to share logins, and you can include all of the external contractor users that you need. This keeps things simple for you and your team and helps to ensure you get the most value out of the platform.

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